Our key principles

How can we feed urban populations in the face of climate change and resource depletion and build an alternative food system that is sustainable and resilient? Growing Communities believes we need to reduce the amount of energy, fossil fuels and resources it takes to feed us and that we can do this while creating jobs and community in both urban and rural areas and producing delicious food that is good for us and the planet. We believe that such a system could work according to the set of principles outlined in the following paragraphs.

Each of these principles is necessary – we aim to apply all the principles to our work all the time! In practice, this is easier said than done and involves weighing up a number of different considerations and making trade-offs where necessary; reflected in the Box Scheme buying policy, Farmers’ Market rules and Urban Market Garden management plans.

The Growing Communities’ Principles are a work in progress: we continue to refine and develop them. And we monitor all our work against these principles to see what impact we are actually having. They will also provide the framework with which to measure and evaluate the work being carried out by groups who join the Growing Communities Start-up Programme.

We rely on common sense, integrity and feedback from the community to enable us to balance these principles while continuing to live in the real world.

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A sustainable and resilient food system should:


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