Try our Killer Kale Recipes
Monday, 19th January 2015 by Chen

So, we've been talking a lot in the office this month about the challenges of cooking with seasonal vegetables, particularly if you're new to the box scheme and still adjusting to the surprise element of the bags and lack of choice that we've come to get used to with the more commercial services and schemes...


Simple Beetroot Soup with Lemon and Kale

Although we LOVE all types of veg here at Growing Communities, we'd be lying if there weren't just a few vegetables that even we find a tad daunting, get tired of... or worse still - lurk at the back of the fridge for over a week!?  Anyone else find Celeriac a bit scary?  Or Swede a bit boring? Anyone out there getting Squash Fatigue? Or finding a backlog of Kale at the back of your fridge?

Well, you're not alone. And that's why we thought we'd embrace new recipes...

We started last week with a Killer Kale Week.  If you missed the tweets with the recipes Fi tried out every day last week you can catch them below. We're really keen to get more ideas from members too, so keep them coming.

Who knows - you might find once you've tried some new recipes that backlog in the fridge could be a thing of the past :-) So, if you had to cook and eat kale every day of the week, this is what it might look like - doesn't look so bad, huh!?

Monday - Kale with Peanut Butter, Walnuts and Dates

Tuesday - Beetroot Soup with Kale and Lemon

Wednesday - Kale, Squash and Mustard

Thursday - Kale Crisps (with almonds and chilli flakes)

Friday - Fish Pie with Kale