In season this June
Thursday, 1st June 2017 by Rachel

June is amazing! Not only does it stay light until past 8pm and the festival season kicks in but the hungry gap is over and there’s so much great fresh produce to enjoy.  This week at Grow Comm HQ we got disproportionately excited when Sarah Green’s first new potatoes came through. You may not get the same thrill at the promise of a potato, but for us it marks the proper start of the spring/summer season. From here on you’ll notice less roots and more leafy, beany things on offer.  For veg scheme members this means the bags may feel lighter but they’re still crammed with delights. Perfect for lighter summer suppers, salads and great picnic food.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll being see in June, in the veg bags and the market:

Broad beans and peas





New season carrots with tops

New season bunched beetroot

New potatoes

Courgette flowers

Spring onions

Lettuces and salad 

Summer cabbages