5 ways with fennel fronds
Tuesday, 12th September 2017 by Chen

While the fennel bulb may be the star of the show, we often get them complete with lovely lush tops. These are not to be thrown away. Think of them as a herb - similar to dill, with an aniseed flavour that will go well in salads, soups, pestos and fish.

Try these five ideas:

1. Simply chopped and added to salads, especially if the salad has fennel bulb in it already, like this hearty caramelized fennel, pearl barley & feta salad

2. Add fennel fronds to pesto. Try this basic vegan pesto recipe and sub some of the herbs for fennel instead

3. Add it to chunky vegetagble soups, right at the end, just before you take it off the heat

4. Save it for stock. It will add a lovely aroma

5. Add it to the pot when you're cooking fish, or stuff the fish with the whole fronds - it will infuse the fish with sweet aniseed flavour