Introducing Galileo Farm
Tuesday, 3rd April 2018 by Rachel

Galileo Farm will be replacing Longwood Farm as the meat suppliers at the farmers’ market from Sat 7th April. Matthew and his wife, who ran Longwood farm, are retiring and closing down the farm so last week was their final week at the market. 

We wish them well and know they will enjoy having their Saturdays back! And we warmly welcome Fabienne and Simon Peckham from Galileo Farm who will be starting at the market this Saturday 7th April.

Galileo is a small family organic farm on the Fosse Way in Warwickshire, south of Leamington. Their livestock includes grass-fed beef cattle and sheep, geese, turkeys, chickens, ducks and pigs. They started the farm from scratch nearly 20 years ago on 30 acres and have built up their beef and sheep herds by renting grazing land adjacent to the farm. The farm has extremely high animal welfare standards – this is Fabienne and Simon’s top priority. 

For instance, with their small herd of cows, the calves stay with their mums for 6-8months. They’re then weaned until they are approximately one year old. At one year they will then run with the herd. So they have four generations all living happily together.

Fabienne says “This is the beauty of having a small herd and only selling meat directly to the end consumer. We get to let the animals lead a decent natural life.”

On top of that, the cows have been known to go for a swim in the local canal in the height of summer for a refreshing dip. Now that's the good life!

They’ll be at the market every week selling chicken, poultry, pork and beef as well as eggs.





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