Real Bread that makes a real difference
Tuesday, 22nd May 2018 by Rachel
Better Health Bakery stall Deborah at Growing Communities farmers' market

Better Health Bakery is a social enterprise based in Haggerston. They’ve had a stall at the Growing Communities Farmers’ market for six years now selling their delicious sourdoughs.  But there's a lot more to this bakery than meets the eye.

The bakery is an arm of The Centre for Better Health, a community-based charity that supports well-being and recovery from mental ill-health. Their belief is that a healthy community is an inclusive community in which individuals can live without the stigma of mental ill health. They support wellbeing and recovery through building skills, confidence, encouraging social engagement and participation. This sometimes involves getting people back into the working environment. That's where Better Health Bakery comes in.

better health bakery portrait

It's run as a commercial bakery with traineeships for people recovering from mental ill-health. Not only  do they produce excellent quality sourdoughs, but the slow, hands-on nature of Real Bread-making is therapeutic in itself! It also helps to get people back into a social and working environment.  People can volunteer for 12 weeks to a year and often go on to longer term employment.

We absolutely love having them at the market. We share so many of the same values, and making food in a way that nurtures people and environment is a big one for both of us. 

Sarah Lo, the bakery manager, says, “an unexpected bonus of being at the market is that people really get to know us and understand the ethos of what we do - we’ve had a lot of volunteers come through the Farmers’ Market.” [Since this piece was written, Sarah Fraser Steele has taken over as bakery manager.]

If you want to buy their bread, they're at the market every Saturday from 10am - 2.30pm.

And if you're interested in getting involved then visit their website