Zero Waste Recipes
Thursday, 5th September 2019 by Anonymous
leek fritters

Got a build up of veg that you don't know what to do with? Have left overs that you don't want to put in the bin? We hate food waste as much as our members, so for Zero Waste Week we've put together a bunch of handy recipes for using up leftovers, or those stray pieces of fruit and veg that have been lingering at the back of your fridge for too long. Discover Root to Shoot cooking and the easiest ice cream recipe ever....


Root to shoot

You may have heard of Nose to Tail eating, pioneered by the like of St. John Bread & Wine, well, you can apply that same philospophy to the humble vegetable too. Why does one part of a vegetanble end up in the pot while another goes in the bin? In many cases, the whole vegetable is edible but often we discard parts of them because culturally we don't consider putting the tops, stems, peels or stalks in the pot.  Think cauliflower leaves, chard stalks, carrot tops, fennel fronds, beet greens. Here are some unconventional recipes that will get you sautéeing, pureeing and currying those off-cuts into delicious dishes.  

Carrot top pesto (vegan)

Beet Greens with garlic & chili

Masala spiced cauli stalks

Fennel raita

Fennel pesto

Vegetable broth from kitchen scraps


Using up leftovers

These handy recipes can be used for a whole range of vegetables, so you can mix and match what you have in your fridge. These easy-going recipes don’t require precision so you can adapt depending on what’s in your fridge and your spice rack.  Great for using up those random odds and ends left in your fridge. Think stews, curries, frittatas, stir fries and super food salads.

left over greens soup kali hamm

Stalks and greens soup

Salsa verde

oven roast vegetable frittata

Oven roast frittata

Spiced veg fritters (vegan)


Delicious Brown Bananas

Bananas are one of the most popular fresh produce items in supermarkets yet also one of the biggest food waste culprits.  And for those bananas that are going brown and squishy, there’s so much you can do with them - cakes, muffins, ice cream and pancakes!

banana bread

Banana cake

Banana (or other fruit) buns

Banana ice cream (vegan)

Vegan banana pancakes


Pickle it!

pickled vegetables

Pickling is a great way to deal with a glut, preserving veg for longer, while also boosting the nutrient value of your already nutirent packed food.

Pickled mixed veg

Easy dill pickles

Pickled chard stems