Christmas on the veg scheme
Tuesday, 12th November 2019 by Chen
Christmas vegetable nativity scene

Things work differently on the veg scheme over the holidays, and we want to give you time to plan. Here's how it works. 

The bags on 18/19 December...
...will be double-value bags, containing more veg than usual and higher-value seasonal goodies. If you don’t want your double-value bag, book holiday or to donate by 5pm on Thursday. (NB, if you choose to donate that week, you'll be donating double your bag value.)

You'll be getting one higher-value bag containing lots of veg and extra seasonal treats. Please collect just one bag - not two. If we can't fit everything into a single bag, we'll tie another bag to the first one, to make it clear what you should be collecting. 

The Old Fire Station staffed collection point will be open a little later than usual on Wednesday 18 December - till 8pm. Come and join us for mulled cider, seasonal cheer and a piece (or two!) of cake.

Please do your best to collect your bags by Friday 20 December. The GC office will be closing at 5pm on Friday, so we won't be around on Saturday to deal with any issues such as missing bags or padlock problems.

No bags on 25/26 December or 1/2 January... the veg scheme will be closed and the farmers will have a well-deserved break.

If you’d like to donate to our Food Credit Scheme over the holiday – let us know and we’ll book you in to donate ONE extra week’s worth of bags. We'll put through an extra charge on your account on 13 December to take payment for those donations. As well as feeding those who need it most, the Food Credit Scheme helps to maintain a steady income for our hard-working farmers over quieter periods.

At the beginning of December, we'll charge you for 4 weeks’ worth of bags: 4/5 December, 11/12 December and double-value bag on 18/19 December. 

At the beginning of January, we'll charge you for 4 weeks: 8/9, 15/16, 22/23 and 29/30 January.

Collection times
Some collection points may change their opening hours over Christmas and the new year. We’ll keep you posted on any changes that will affect veg scheme collection times.