The GC good gift guide
Friday, 6th December 2019 by Chen

If you’re looking for ethical gifts this Christmas, here’s our guide to shopping in a way that’s good for producers, easy on the planet and great for all our futures.

All the farmers at our farmers’ market are certified organic or biodynamic, so you can be certain the food has been grown or raised in a way that cares for soil, wildlife and climate and without damaging pesticides or antibiotics. Some farmers also bring wild produce.

On Saturday 14 December, Tim and Liz will be back with local honey from Hackney marshes; hand-made wood using fallen Hackney trees, including bowls, cheese boards and candle boards as well as Tim’s very popular hanging cactus bowls.

Also, on 14 December, we’ll have a visit from fiendishly fast and supremely skilled Stoke Newington knitters Common Thread, who’ll have lots of goodies that make (heart-)warming gifts.

This is a good time to put in an order with Fabienne from Galileo Farm. If you don’t want to miss out on your ham joint, goose, turkey or other holiday meat, you can fill in an order form at the market, or see the list below, then email or ring her on 07891 522451.

Mark and Adrienne, the lavender folk, will be there at the market on 14 and 21 December, selling creams, cleansers and perfume oils, plus marmalade, candles, candle holders and more. They usually have local game to sell too.

William the mushroom man will be there on Saturday 21 December, with biodynamic and wild mushrooms, plus dried mushrooms and growing kits, which make perfect presents for foodie friends.

We’ll also have Sarah Green and her amazing rainbow of seasonal veg on 21 December.

All this is alongside all the usual goodies at the market: fruit, veg, fish, unhomogenised milk, award-winning cheeses, apples, chutneys and cakes. 

So, just as a reminder - a Christmas shopping list if you like - we've composed a handy song to ensure you have everything you need to make your festive season shine...

On the eleventh day before Christmas (ok, ok, we know it doesn’t scan, but bear with us…), my true love sent to me

12 sprouts a sprouting
11 parsnips growing
10 spuds for roasting
9 fish a smoking
8 Hooks a milking
7 krauts fermenting
6 turkeys gobbling
5 golden beets
4 organic cheeses
3 mince pies
2 loaves of bread
And some pear juice from a pear tree!

Open image in new tab to see larger version.