It's Real Bread Week!
Thursday, 25th February 2021 by Rachel
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2020 saw a surge in the popularity of Real Bread making, buying and even microbakery startups. Remember the great flour shortages of 2020 when everyone was making sourdough during lockdown 1?

Well, that sets the stage for Real Bread Week (20 to 28 February) - the annual, international celebration of delicious, nutritious, additive-free loaves, and the people that make them.


What does it mean?

It's a time to celebrate the wonders of Real Bread as opposed to factory-made additive-laden loaves. This week The Real Bread Campaign encourages you to:

  • Buy Real Bread from local, independent bakeries
  • Bake your own Real Bread
  • Support Sustain, the charity behind the Real Bread Campaign

The Real Bread Campaign works to support small, local, independent real bread makers, lobbying government to improve standards and level the playing field, and support projects that introduce more people to the health and wellbeing benefits of baking your own bread.


Support our bakers

Syd Astons makery

So come along to the Farmers' Market and buy some bread from Aston's bakery. Syd is a pioneer of Real Bread – he's been making it since before it was even a thing. If you're not a regular of Syd's then now is the time to start! Come along this Saturday and find out what makes his loaves so lovely!

Of course in Hackney we're very lucky to have a great many real bread makers – Better Health Bakery would usually be it the Farmers Market but not during the pandemic, and E5 bakehouse are one of our veg scheme collection points.


From farmers to millers to bakers and beyond, people of every age, nationality, colour, sex, gender identity, ethnic heritage, (dis)ability, neurological status, religion and economic background worldwide enjoy Real Bread and are involved in its rise.

The Campaign encourages all Real Bread makers to share #WeAreRealBread selfies of themselves in action or holding loaves they make during #RealBreadWeek – even better if they’re wearing the t-shirt or apron! Everyone else is welcome to post selfies holding #RealBread they’ve bought from local, independent bakery. Last year saw more than 2000 posts from at least 37 countries.


It's not all about sourdough

Simply put, Real Bread is bread that's made without the use of so-called processing aids or any other additives

NB All genuine sourdough is Real Bread but not all Real Bread has to be sourdough.

Read more aout what the Real Bread Campaign means by Real Bread here



Covid has put a bit of a dampner on events this year, but there are some online bakery classes and other activites you can join in to connect with your fellow carb connoisseurs. Visit the Real Bread events page to find out what's happening