New kimchi & kombucha maker at the market
Tuesday, 15th June 2021 by Anonymous
Re:Organics kimchi

We're very excited to announce a new kimchi and kombucha producer at our Farmers' Market from this Saturday 19th July, called Re:Organics. So if you're a fan of the fermented foods, you're in luck!

Kimchi is a Korean fermented cabbage, much like saurkraut but with a chilli kick. Kombucha is a naturally fizzy drink with live cultures. All great for your gut and your taste buds.

In James' Hackney production kitchen, specially imported Korean stoneware jars filled with fermenting kimchi are lined up next to cloudy bell jars of kombucha. James set up Re:Organics to produce kombucha, kimchi and kefir from seasonal organic and biodynamic ingredients inspired by his time in Korea learning from traditional kimchi and kombucha makers. Re:Organics sources seasonal produce from Growing Communities’ farmers including Adrian Izzard and Hook & Son, so he adapts the flavours and ingredients as the new produce comes along. Recent products include a cucumber and mint based kombucha, a strawberry and rhubarb milk kefir, and a beetroot kimchi which combines traditional fermentation techniques with the best seasonal locally grown ingredients.

James Venoit Re: Organics fermented food stall

James is looking forward to starting at our farmers’ market to give him an even better connection with the farmers and their produce. For James, his understanding of the importance of organic food production for soil health and biodiversity is linked to his passion for fermented foods and gut health.

Re: Organics will be starting at a weekly stall at Growing Communities’ Farmers’ market – with their beautiful pink and orange cargo bike stall and jars of delicious fermented products on Saturday 19th June.