Share your low-carbon lunch
Tuesday, 21st September 2021 by Rachel
black rice noodles rainbow chard

Don't worry, this isn't about calorie counting, it's about climate action!

Sustainable Food Places Network (SFP) members are joining a food and climate day of celebration and action on Wednesday 29 September in the run-up to COP26 and they invite you to join in, wherever you are, in cooking and eating a low-carbon lunch. As a community, let's show the world that eating a sustainable diet can be delicious and diverse by sharing our lunch online, via twitter or instagram.

If you're using the vegetables from your Growing Communities veg bag or produce bought from our market, don't forget to tag us (@growingcommunities on Instagram, @growcomm on Twitter) and your recipes may well be featured on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages!

low carbon lunch

Here are the details:

Whether you're an individual eating lunch solo or an organisation serving food, you can join in on the day by organising a low-carbon lunch on 29 September and posting your photos on twitter. Don’t forget to tag @FoodPlacesUK and include the hashtags #lowcarbonlunch #Food4Planet and #FoodPartnership.

Low-carbon food has been tainted by sensationalist headlines of late. The SFP vision is one where a low-carbon lunch includes mostly plants, with meat, fish and dairy from more sustainable sources with higher animal welfare, and food sourced in ways that result in healthier and prosperous communities.

A low-carbon lunch will most certainly be a colourful lunch that is not only good for the planet but a feast to our taste buds.

Last thing to remember is to eat everything you cook or serve and if you can’t use it, take it home or give it to someone else.

More info about the event can be found here.