Feel good about your food choices in 2023
Thursday, 22nd December 2022 by Chen
eating vegetables

Have you set an intention to be a little more healthy, a little more kind to yourself and the world, or to only spend your money on the good stuff this year? 
Whatever your plans for 2023, there are plenty of excellent reasons to buy your fruit and vegetables from Growing Communities. 

Plus, if you sign up to the veg scheme in September 2023, we'll send you a FREE limited-edition vegetable brush.*

Get started on the veg scheme

Have you promised yourself you’ll eat better and live more healthily in 2023?

Almost all of us want to eat better – and a great way to start is by eating more veggies and plant-based foods.

Nearly 80% of people on GC’s fruit and veg scheme eat 5 or more portions of fruit and veg a day. Outside the scheme, only 33% of adults manage to eat 5 portions.

A third of veg scheme members are vegetarian or vegan, compared with 10% outside the scheme. It’s easy to cut down on meat and dairy when the vegetables taste this good.


Have you set an intention to cut down on takeaways and cook meals from scratch?

With GC, you’ll find it easy to put together delicious, nutritious meals. 

We’ll share hundreds of quick and easy recipes for all the ingredients you’ll find in your bags. 

And you’ll save all the money you were blowing on takeaways and deliveries.

Your wallet and your belly will thank you!


Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint and tread more lightly on the planet?

Food is responsible for over a third of carbon emissions. You can slash your contribution by choosing organic and local and by eating more plants. 

Growing food without pesticides or artificial fertilisers means less pollution. 

Working with local farmers and using collection points means far less transport. 

Plant-based means less emissions from animals and from the crops grown to feed them. 

What’s more, most GC fruit and vegetables come loose, bunched or in paper bags – unlike organic food in your local supermarket – so you’ll cut down on plastic too.


Do you want to learn how to eat with the seasons? 

Who says seasonal eating is boring? 

With GC, you won’t see tomatoes in December, but you’ll discover loads of vegetables you might never have come across before – nutty delicata squash, fiery komatsuna, crunchy kohlrabi, delicate wild garlic – and GC salad bags packed with dozens of different leaves, herbs and flowers with textures and flavours that change across the year.

Most of the vegetables are fresh from fields less than 60 miles away from your home. 

We’ll hook you up with 100s of quick and tasty recipes, so you’ll always get the best out of your veg. 

And, if you don’t fancy a particular veg one week, you can always mix things up with our handy swap box. 


Is 2023 the year you feel good about your food choices?

If you want to support more local, ethical and independent businesses, GC offers great, guilt-free groceries.

We’ve been feeding our community in north-east London with climate-friendly food for 25 years. 

We’re not-for-profit so all your money goes on excellent produce, on paying farmers fairly and on building a better food system. 

So make a great investment in everyone’s collective future and make your food choices count.

Get started on the veg scheme


*Special offer for September 2023
Join the GC veg scheme by 30 September 2023 and we'll send you a limited-edition, natural, plastic-free vegetable scrubbing brush.