Metske Bore Place Market Garden
Posted: Wednesday, 7th December 2022 by Chen
christmas tree decoration
Posted: Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 by Kyra Hanson
organic christmas meat
Posted: Tuesday, 8th November 2022 by Chen
The GC team celebrating Dagenham Farm's 10th birthday
Posted: Tuesday, 13th September 2022 by Kyra Hanson
empty carrier bags
Posted: Tuesday, 6th September 2022 by Chen
dagenham farm open day
Posted: Wednesday, 31st August 2022 by Rachel
Amber training bean plants
Posted: Tuesday, 28th June 2022 by Amber Baker
planting organic crops
Posted: Monday, 25th April 2022 by Rachel
seedlings on the hackney farm
Posted: Monday, 11th April 2022 by Sophie Verhagen
apple from Pear Necessities orchard
Posted: Monday, 4th April 2022 by Natasha Soares