Last updated: Tuesday 25 January 2022  

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Veg scheme updates 

Farmers' market updates

Volunteering at our growing sites 

How we're keeping you safe



Veg scheme arrangements

We've reopened our collection point at the Redmond Community Centre in Woodberry Down. Sign up to join the veg scheme here. If you're already on the scheme and would like to change your collection point to the Redmond, email the veg scheme team.

e5 Bakehouse is now open for veg collection on Wednesdays (as well as Thursdays and Fridays). Check out the new times here.

Covid safety

To keep you, other veg scheme members and our staff as safe as possible, please continue to maintain social distance and wear a face covering when collecting your bags from enclosed spaces, including the staffed collections at the Old Fire Station and Hackney City Farm.

Don't want your bags?
Our Food Credit Scheme is by far the best way to donate your bags. It's more effective and less wasteful than leaving unwanted bags at your collection point. The money goes into a central pot, then we deliver fresh, organic produce when and where it’s needed directly from GC HQ, usually to Hackney Food Bank. Book a week off or a donation here.

Collection point information
Check your weekly emails for information about changes to collection arrangements. Log into your account to check your padlock code.

If you are a member of the veg scheme and need to contact us, please email us

Want to sign up to our scheme?

Fill in our joining form here. If you'd like to sign up our waiting list to hear when places come up at our closed or potential collection points, please give us your details here.



Farmers' market

Market is open every Saturday 10am - 2.30pm

Check our main Market page to see who will be there this week.

If you'd like to receive weekly email updates about the farmers' market and other GC activities, please use the Subscribe to our mailing list box at the bottom of this page.



Volunteering at our growing sites

We pause the volunteer programme in December and January, as there is less to do on the sites.

To volunteer at our Hackney market gardens after February 2022, email us to join the waiting list. Our grower Sophie will be in touch to book you in when a slot is available. We no longer accept walk-ins. You might also want to check out Capital Growth's  list of London gardens that usually welcome volunteers.

We are unable to offer volunteering at our Dagenham Farm as we do not have enough staff and resources. Click here to receive email updates with news from the farm.


GC’s heightened hygiene precautions 

Growing Communities staff are working hard to protect our members, market customers, ourselves and our families from the Covid-19 virus  

We’ve been taking extra precautions in our packing and delivery operations to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus.

Veg packing: All staff have been trained in Coronavirus hygiene. All staff wash hands before the pack starts and wear gloves while packing. Staff know not to touch their faces or phones during the packing. All staff wash hands according to official public health guidelines before and after eating or any breaks. We have minimised staff in the office to avoid unnecessary foot traffic during the pack.

Veg delivery: The delivery van is cleaned when drivers change over and delivery staff have been trained in how to minimise the potential for virus transmission. 

Market: We have spaced out the stalls to allow for quicker shopping and safe queuing. Stallholders are offering cardless transactions wherever possible and have their own hand sanitisers. Please make use of the hand-washing facilities and sanitiser as you leave the market.

Our farm and growing sites: Our growers are washing hands and tools regularly, cleaning gloves frequently and have been trained in Coronavirus hygiene. 

Please help us! The veg scheme operates via public collection points so we ask you to take all precautions for public spaces including wearing a mask, bringing your own hand sanitiser or sanitiser wipes to wipe your hands after collecting your bags. Please remember to wash your hands after unpacking your veg (and fruit) at home as well as washing all fruit and veg before use as usual.