Growing food
in East London

Dagenham Farm produces organic vegetables (and fruit) in glasshouses and polytunnels and outdoors for sale locally and through Growing Communities' fruit and veg bag scheme. To see more photos of the farm click here

If you are interested in volunteering on the farm on Wednesdays please click here.

The farm is home to the Grown in Dagenham project, training local residents in food-growing and preparation skills and helping young people to learn about where their food comes from. (Click on the link above to read more about the project.)


The farm opened in 2012 and now produces about five tonnes of veg every year. In the spring, there are significant quantities of leeks, spring greens, spinach and other greens. Then in summer/autumn, we grow salad and tomatoes, as well as chillies, cucumbers, squashes, beans, aubergines, courgettes, strawberries and melons. 

The farm aims to produce excellent, organic food closer to where people actually live as well as helping local residents to gain skills in food growing, preparation and selling. Dagenham Farm shows the potential for growing - and selling - significant amounts of produce from farms on the outskirts of London and other cities.

The project was funded by the Local Food Fund, part of the Big Lottery, from March 2012 to March 2014, when it also became fully certified as organic. The grower's salary is now financed through sales of produce. We secured more Big Lottery funding for our 3 year Grown in Dagenham project to involve more local people in the life of the farm and help them develop new skills - this project ends in December 2018. However we will be continuing with many of the outreach projects through 2019 including the Wednesday volunteer sessions. We are also offering lots of opportunities for community involvement in 2019 through our Recipe for Life project funded by LBBD.

Dagenham Farm team: Kerry, Alice, Shelagh, Hannah & Michèle 



Growing Communities Dagenham Farm, Central Park Nursery, Rainham Rd North, Dagenham RM10 7EJ.  Nearest tube: Dagenham East. For more information or to find out about volunteering opportunities, email or call us on 020 8592 3130