Exciting changes are happening at GC HQ.  We have moved to a new and improved ethical software platform for the veg scheme called Growing Good.

Feel free to have a look at your new account. and check out our quick user guide, which shows you how to book holidays, donate to the Food Credit Scheme or change your orders.

Still haven't set up your payment card?

If you are one of the remaining few, please do it now before your credit runs out, or let us know if you are having problems.


Here are the biggest changes

Weekly payments: responding to your feedback, we're switching to charging weekly, meaning no more upfront monthly payments.

Simple order management: add or remove bags from your order with a couple of clicks.

Never forget to update your order again: we'll send email reminders that the week's order deadline is imminent.

Convenient card payments: hassle-free transactions using debit or credit card - no direct debits required! 

The same delicious, climate-friendly fruit and veg from local farmers who are paid fairly for the nourishing food they grow and the incredibly hard work they put in. 


Please don't cancel your current direct debit yet. 

Your card details are not stored by Growing Good or on the platform. They are stored on Stripe, which is one of the most secure payment providers and everything is encrypted after setting up. You will have to authenticate your card also, which is through your bank. This adds an extra level of security. 


Something not right?

If anything about your new account or orders doesn't seem right, email us 
Thank you for being part of GC. We're excited to provide you with an even better veg scheme experience!