We have had an unprecedented number of new subscriptions to our scheme. Please expect delays as we process new subscriptions.
Sorry, we cannot accept any new names on our waiting list.
If you are trying to sign up and no collection points are available in the drop down below, it is because they are temporarily at capacity. We are working to organise extra deliveries, processes and capacity and will open collection points again as soon as possible.
Please check the sign-ups page regularly to see whether any collection points are available, and please also see: our corona virus update page

Sign Up

Please fill in your details below to register. When you successfully register, you will be redirected to the GoCardless® website to create a Direct Debit® mandate, then you will be charged in advance for the month. Please note that you will need your bank details (account number and sort code) to complete this step, so it is a good idea to have those to hand before proceeding.

Revolut and FS Modular bank accounts don’t work with GoCardless. Please contact Rachel for other ways to pay.

If you are having any difficulties registering, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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