Every saturday 10am to 2.30pm
st paul's church, stoke newington
n16 7uy

The market is the perfect place for open-air shopping. The stalls are back in their pre-Covid layout and the cafe and seating area are open. There are no queues, you can bring bikes in and there's plenty of space to enjoy a distanced chat with friends over a coffee. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Stall list for Saturday 29 January 2022: 

This list is always provisional. Rough seas, frozen ground, heavy rains or temperatures too cold for mushrooms can all have an impact on what's available each week. And many of the market traders are small independent businesses: if one person goes off sick, they don’t have a pool of other people to call on. 

Veg and fruit: Ripple Farm Organics; Wild Country Organics; the Mushroom Table (weather permitting); Petersons Farm*

Bread: Astons Bakehouse 

Meat & fish: Galileo Farm; Hook & Son; Yorwarths fish (weather permitting).

Dairy: Bath Soft Cheese; Hook & Son 

Prepared foods/products: Global Fusion - cakes, fritters; Hatice Tugrul - Turkish börek, gözleme; Niko B Chocolates; Nettle vegan cheeses

Café: run by Growing Communities

(Nettle vegan cheeses and Honey Hydrant usually come to the market on alternate Saturdays. Re:organics is taking a break and will be back in March. Breakfast Collective will be back on 19 February.)

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* Petersons Farm is a new venture by Janis Petersons and his sons Oskars and Lauris. Janis worked as the grower for Brockman's Farm in Kent for many years and is now starting his own organic farming venture on the same site following Patrick Brockman's move. We are delighted to support Janis, Oskars and Lauris - and look forward to buying their greens and herbs every Saturday at the market.

Find out how every £1 you spend at the market generates £3.70 of benefits for you, the farmers and the planet.

All the farmers at our market are either organic or biodynamic. We're the only UK farmers' market where that's the case. We're easy to find and close to lots of bus routes between Dalston, Shoreditch, Stamford Hill, Clapton and Stoke Newington. We also ask the stallholders making processed foods to source most of their ingredients from the farmers who come. So not only do you get delicious food but you're also supporting small, sustainable farms almost all from within 60 miles of London.

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What brings customers back to the market week after week? Film made by Ben at Cultiv8 Productions.

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Excellent produce

Raw milk, butter, cheeses, yogurt, cream, eggs and meat from sustainable family farms

Fresh fish sustainably caught in the English Channel 

Hand-made breads, cakes and chocolates

Fermented foods: kombucha, kefir and kimchi

Lovely organic veg from Kent, Essex and Cambridgeshire, salad leaves, seasonal fruit and exotic mushrooms

Local producers sell homemade cakes, Turkish pancakes and creole fritters to eat there or take away. Or you can enjoy a mushroom or bacon sandwich alongside a latte from the cafe. Read more about our producers.

Mushroom Table sells wild and exotic mushrooms and fresh-cooked sandwiches

Climate-friendly living: all our farmers at the market are organic or biodynamic. Organic farming can help cut greenhouse gas emissions: it uses less water and less energy than conventional farming, which is heavily dependent on high-energy processes and fossil fuels for fertilisers and pesticides. Organic food production is also better for wildlife, biodiversity, livestock, people and the environment. 

Cutting unnecessary packaging: Most fruit and veg at the market is sold unpackaged as are many other products (which also means you can choose to buy as much as you want). Bring your own bags, bottles, jamjars, tupperware, tiffin tins, baskets, bindles or other containers and fill them up with:

  • raw milk from Amy and Lucy at Hook & Son
  • chocolates, cookies and cakes from Anthony at Niko B
  • mushrooms from William at the Mushroom Table
  • fish from Martin and Wendi at Yorwarth's Fresh Fish
  • bread from Stefan at Astons 
  • eggs from Fabienne at Galileo Farm
  • kombucha from James at Re:Organics
  • fruit and veg from everyone else

If you order from Fabienne at Galileo in advance, she will also bring meat unpackaged for you to take home in your own packaging.

Buying direct: because all the produce here has been grown, reared or produced by the people who are selling it, you can find out everything you want to know about the food and how it was grown or cooked. The money you spend goes directly to the people who actually do the work to produce the food you're eating - the farmers and makers - rather than supermarkets and wholesalers.

Creating jobs in Hackney: as well as supporting farmers from close to London, we work with food producers from around Hackney to help them set up and develop products to sell at the market. Hatice Trugrul makes traditional Turkish gozleme from market ingredients; Global Fusion offer Creole-style vegan cakes and soda breads; Anthony Ferguson of Niko B. Organic Chocolates creates chocolates flavoured with spices and seasonal fruits, 

Fair prices: while organic food is necessarily more expensive than food farmed conventionally because of the labour-intensive methods used to produce it, the farmers at the market charge a fair price for their produce and pay fair wages to the people who work for them. The market also accepts Healthy Start and Rose vouchers. 

tomato varieties from Adrian Izzard at Wild Country Organics

Seasonal produce: stay in touch with the seasons and discover produce you've never had before. There won’t be apples or tomatoes in May but, when they are in season, the farmers will bring in many different varieties. You’ll also find produce you may not have come across before, such as wild garlic, sloes, medlars, wild mushrooms and raw cow's milk. If you don’t know how to cook something just ask!

If you are interested in selling at the market, please see the Getting A Stall page.

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