Easy rhubarb recipes
Tuesday, 5th July 2022 by Rachel
rhubarb lemon curd pots

Rhubarb’s unique tangy flavour and punchy pink colour make it a wonderful vegetable for a huge variety of cakes, crumbles and desserts. It can also be used for savoury dishes and drinks.  It pairs well with ginger and can be a good accompaniment to chicken, lamb or fish.

If you’re looking for something a bit less time consuming, we’ve assembled a collection of recipes that are simple and require minimal prep, so you can make the most of this fantastic vegetable while it’s in season.


Simple desserts

Simple rhubarb & lemon curd pots


Roasted rhubarb with vanilla icecream


Rhubarb and ginger syllabub


Rhubarb Eton mess




Boozy options

Rhubarb vodka


Rhubarb prosecco


Rhubarb gin



Savoury surprises

Quick Rhubarb chutney


Pickled rhubarb


Rhubarb & cinnamon red lentil curry


Rhubarb sauce for pasta