Mooli - top tips
Monday, 26th November 2018 by Chen
carved daikon mooli

Mooli (it's Indian name) is also known as daikon or Chinese radish, and widely used in Asian cooking. It has a milder, fresher flavour than other radishes. Some types are small with pink-tinged skin or flesh; others are white and can grow up to 30cm long. It's very versatile and is good both raw and cooked. 


You can grate or slice it and add it raw to a salad or slaw.

Try it Bengali-style, mixed with fresh chilli, chopped coriander, lime juice and a pinch of salt, then (if you like) serve with steamed fish. Here's a recipe you can follow:

Mooli Lachha Salad 

In Japan, it is often served as an accompaniment to rice or sushi. Pickle it by finely slicing and mixing with equal amounts of rice vinegar and sugar. Put aside for an hour or so before serving. 

It is also grated and mixed into ponzu, a dressing or dipping sauce made from soy sauce and citrus juice. Or simply shred it raw and use as a topping for noodle soups to add a bit of fresh crunch.


Mooli adds a nice punch and crunch to stir-fries.

Cut into chuncks and add it to a soup, where you might use turnip or carrot. Try this Winter Harvest Vegetable Soup recipe

Add to curries, along with carrots, spinach and a masala sauce. Here's a Mooli Moong Dal recipe to get you started

In Japan it is sometimes served simply braised as a side dish. See this simple Braised Daikon recipe


Or you could allow your creative side to shine and carve your mooli into a garnish or table decoration!