Roast cauliflower with herb yoghurt
Thursday, 3rd January 2019 by Lola DeMille
roast cauliflower

This recipe was created by for us Lola DeMille, a GC member and thoughtful, veg-led chef. Follow her on instagram or find out more about her work on her website


Pan-roasting really brings out the nutty flavours of brassicas. I created this dish after one of many visits to my favourite place in the world, Istanbul. They love this combination of spiced hot butter and thick tangy yoghurt. This was a bit of a ‘signature dish’ during my time at Darsham Nurseries in Suffolk where we couldn’t take it off the menu! This is a rich and indulgent veggie dish - great as part of a celebratory mezze feast!



For the yoghurt

Small handful of mint and parsley leaves, finely chopped

1 tbsp sumac

500g Greek yoghurt

good olive oil



100ml white wine vinegar

Pinch saffron (or turmeric)

100g cold butter, cubed

150g pine nuts, toasted

1 large cauliflower, florets separated and cut in half

Handful chopped parsley or coriander


Quick flatbreads

200g bread flour

200g yoghurt

1 tsp baking powder

Big pinch salt

Nigella seeds

Chopped parsley



To make the breads, stir together and knead lightly until smooth, shape into balls and roll out thinly. Cook in a pan or hot oven until puffed up, around 3 minutes each side.

Preheat the oven to 200C. Mix the herbs, sumac and yoghurt into a dressing with seasoning and a splash of olive oil then set aside.

In a single layer add the cauliflower to an ovenproof frying pan with oil over a high heat. Add the florets and brown on both sides. Bake in the oven to finish cooking, approx. 5 minutes or so, until the stalks feel soft to a sharp knife. Back on the hob, add the splash of vinegar and saffron or turmeric and reduce slightly, take off the heat and gradually whisk in the butter with a fork or toss the cauliflower about to create a thick and glossy sauce. Add the parsley.

Add the yoghurt to a bowl and using the back of a spoon create an indent, and tumble the buttery cauliflower in. Garnish with herbs and sumac.

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Lola DeMille