What to do with celery
Tuesday, 17th September 2019 by Rachel
What to do with celery

Celery is a bit marmite. Love is too strong a word for celery, but you either like it or hate it. But this undervalued vegetable is such an essential base for so many recipes - and it can be the star of the show sometimes. Often the celery we source from our local growers has a lot more leaves than you're probably used to, so we've included recipes here that incorporate the leaves as well as the stalks. You can treat the leaves much like a herb, like parsley, cook it into a stew or sauce or sprinkle as garnish.


Main dishes

celery gratin

Creamy celery gratin

Celery and potato gnocchi with herb sauce

Braised celery with onions, tomato and pancetta  


Snacks and dips

Celery snacks

Crudités – of just spread peanut butter on a celery stick. Best. Snack. Ever

Celery pesto



simple celery soup

Celery soup

Green gazpacho

Vegetable stock




Celery juice

celery juice

Celery juice has been one of 2019’s biggest food trends (at least on Instagram). Juice the whole thing – it will make about one pint glass. The health benefits of celery juice are seemingly endless, and life changing, but in short, it’s very alkalising and makes a great hangover cure.



celery blue cheese hazelnut salad

Celery, blue cheese and hazelnut salad

Waldorf salad


Celery and chickpea salad