What to do with leeks
Friday, 28th February 2020 by Rachel

Leeks are very similar to onions in lots of ways - they're from the same allium family and they perform the same job - but leeks have sweeter and more delicate taste. 

They come into season in late winter just when there is little other fresh veg available to harvest, so it's a welcome addition to the veg bags during this time.

Leeks make an excellent base for soups, stews, pies and quiches. They go well with potatoes, lemon, cheese and cream. But there's so much more you can do with them! So we've compiled a diverse selection of dishes you can make with the humble leek.


Sri Lankan leek curry

Sri Lankan Leek & Potato curry

Leek & pea dumpling curry


Leek risotto

Leek & farro risotto


Leek carbonara


leeks and fava bean toast

Caramelized leek and fava bean toast





Chickpea pancakes with leeks and squash

Chickpea pancakes with leeks and squash



spring leek soup

Spring minestrone


cauliflower leek cheese gratin

Cauliflower leek and cheese gratin