What to do with chestnuts
Tuesday, 17th December 2019 by Anonymous

Chestnuts come but once a year, as a seasonal treat in our Christmas bumper veg bags.


How to store your chestnuts:

Chestnuts don’t have a very long shelf life becasue they have a higher water content than most nuts, so best to use them as soon as you can. They will keep for about a week at room temperature but to make sure they stay fresh we advise you store in the fridge in a plastic bag with holes in it so it can breathe. They should keep in the fridge for 2 – 3 weeks.


We've compiled a bunch of recipes to insoire you to make the most of these delicious nuts over the festive season



Christmas side dishes

roast veg chestnuts

Honey roasted vegetables with chestnuts and rosemary

Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and sage

Red cabbage salad with beetroot, blue cheese & crispy chestnuts

Chestnut bread stuffing

Chestnut herb and apple stuffing

Simple roasted chestnuts

Caramelised pear and chestnuts 


Christmas mains

Portobello mushroom and chestnut baked custards

Chestnut lentil bourguingnon pie

Chestnut and cashew nut roast


Other meals

Pappardelle with goats cheese, chestnuts, sage and pancetta

Italian lentil and chestnut stew



Chestnut and chocolate torte