What to do with courgettes
Tuesday, 20th August 2019 by Rachel Dring
courgette lollipop skewers recipe

Courgettes are a quintessential summer vegetable and when they arrive, they’re prolific – they just keep coming! All our farmers end up having tonnes to sell at the same time so for a couple of months a year, you will find a lot of courgettes in your veg bags and at the farmers’ market. So we thought you could use a little inspiration to see you through courgette glut. Luckily they’re very versatile - you’ll find them in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian dishes (as well as cake!) so the possibilities are endless.



courgette fennel potato salad

Courgette, fennel and potato salad


Spicy Thai-style courgetti & carrot salad


Roasted courgette, chickpea & lemon salad




Starters & tasty morsels

courgette lollipops skewers

Courgette Lollipops


Tempura courgettes with ponzu dipping sauce


Mucver – Turkish courgette fritters




Pasta & rice dishes

Courgette garlic linguine vegan pasta

Garlic courgette linguine


Oozy courgette risotto


Middle Eastern stuffed courgettes


Curry, soups, stews

Egyptian courgette tian

Rustic Egyptian courgette Tian


Pistou soup


Pakistani courgette curry




courgette chocolate brownies

Courgette chocolate brownies

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