What to do with cucumbers
Tuesday, 3rd September 2019 by Anonymous

Cucumbers are prolific for quite a large part of the summer and this year was a particularly good year for them – some grew to giant sizes!  

Nutritious, hydrating and low calorie, packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds these cucurbits are so much more than a sandwich filler. If you’re stuck for what else to do with them, then look no further – we have a delicious cucumber recipe line up for you.



cucumber gazpacho


Cool creamy cucumber soup (vegan)

Late summer cucumber soup


Main meals

cucumber carrot vermicelli

Cucumber and carrot vermicelli with crispy shallots

Farro with feta, cucumbers and sun dried tomatoes

Savoury yoghurt bowl (or breakfast, or a dip maybe?)



cucumber salad with yoghurt and dill

Cucumber salad with yoghurt and dill

Sichuan smacked cucumber

Corn & cucumber salad



pickled cucumbers

Classic dill pickles 

Quick Aleppo dill pickles 

Quick and easy sliced cucumber pickle



greek tzatziki

Greek tzatziki

Cucumber raita with black mustard and coriander

Yoghurt with raisins, cucumber and walnuts

Cucumber dill dip (vegan)



strawberry lime mint cucumber infused water

Detox: Strawberry lime cucumber and mint water  

Retox: Cucumber and mint gin and tonic