What to do with potatoes
Thursday, 10th October 2019 by Rachel Dring
Greek potatoes

Potatoes are such a great comfort food. And in autumn when the weather starts to turn, there's nothing more appealing than a steaming fluffy jacket potato, mash, chips of even crisps! We love them all!  But we understand that when you're receiving them every week in your veg bag you can sometimes run out of ideas of what to do with them. 

So here’s a bunch of recipes to inspire you to use up those potatoes in imaginative ways, that make the spuds the star of the show.



Garlic parmesan potato wedges

Rosemary potato wedges

Greek potatoes

Greek potatoes

Honey chilli potatoes

Oven-baked fritatta


Potato cakes

mushroom stuffed potato cakes

Mushroom stuffed potato cakes 

Crispy German potato pancakes

Aloo tikki (Indian spiced potato cakes) 



cauliflower potato curry

Cauliflower & potato curry

Jackfruit potato curry

Saag aloo - spinach & potato curry




Pommes anna pie

Pommes anna

Mashed potato pie

Vegan Shepherds pie


Baked potatoes

spinach and mushroom baked potato

Spinach & mushroom

Broccoli & cheese

Smokey chickpeas

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Rachel Dring