In season this spring
Thursday, 5th April 2018 by Rachel
salad harvest

The clocks have gone forward and the daffodils have been and gone - spring is definitely here. We've put the snow behind us (hopefully), the rain has stopped (for now) and the sun is sure to make an appearance (eventually). 

The produce is starting to change now too. You may have noticed the large winter roots are making way for lighter, greener, leafier things. This is a really busy time of year for our farmers who are planting out seedlings and protecting their baby crops from the rather harsh weather we've been having.

Martin's outdoor office at Ripple Farm


What's in season this April 

We're already starting to get new-season produce through so expect to see more of the following in the coming weeks:


Spring onions


Hackney Salad

Parsley & coriander

Wild garlic & sorrel


Wet garlic (different to wild garlic - it's young garlic that hasn't formed a bulb yet. Looks like spring onion but tastes like garlic!)

Planting out lettuce at Sarah Green's Organics


May and early June

This is when British spring produce really kicks in. You'll start to see the following in your veg bags and at the market:

New potatoes


Broad beans


Carrots with (usable) tops


Bunched beets with tops



Rachel from Ripple Farm at our Farmers' Market