Know your greens: Sprout Tops
Tuesday, 25th January 2022 by Rachel
brussels sprout tops

Sprout tops are a type of leafy green that only really come up in winter. As well as being ultra seasonal, you rarely find them in shops so you can be forgiven if you had no idea what these are. As the name suggests, they are quite literally the tops of Brussels sprout stalks. These grow lovely and big, and once cut off, it triggers the sprouts growing along the stalk underneath to grow more abundantly. So when you see sprout tops in your veg bags then in a few weeks time you can expect Brussels spouts will follow.  Kalette tops are the same. Kalettes are the result of breeding Brussels sprouts with kale, which has created a whole new type of vegetable, a frilly bite sized kaley sprout. They grow in the same way as sprouts, so you may also find kalette sprout tops in your veg bag from time to time too. The're usually purple and frilly and resemble the sort of fascinator you see on the hoi polloi at Ascot.

How to cook
Sprout tops are tender like spring greens or collards, and require less cooking time. Or no cooking at all. Shred the leaves and use them in salads. Steam them and add them to a stir-fry. Sautee them with butter and garlic. You can even add them to a green smoothie for an extra healthy kick.

spring greens with mustard
Here are some recipes from us to get you started:

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